Basic Information: What is Caralluma Premium?

Caralluma Premium is a dietary supplement that suppresses the appetite and burns excess fat. It also aids weight loss without the user needing to change their exercise or diet routine. This review will look into the details of the product and find out why it works, and if it works. Each bottle of Caralluma comes with sixty capsules that will last thirty days. Results are said to vary from person to person, but many have claimed they noticed results within the first few weeks of using this dietary supplement.


The sole ingredient of the product is 100% pure Caralluma Fimbriata extract, which has been recommended by some of America’s most famous TV doctors. The ingredient burns fat by blocking the enzymes that produce fatty acids in the body and preventing them from forming more. Caralluma Fimbriata is also well known to supress appetite which is vital to help with weight loss.


One capsule should be taken twice a day, thirty minutes before each meal along with a glass of water. Each bottle will last thirty days although the dietary supplement should be taken for several months for maximum results- Some people may not notice results immediately.


One sixty capsule bottle of Caralluma Premium is priced at $48. Many offers and packages are offered as three bottles can be purchased for $91 making a saving of $113. Four bottles can be purchased for $112 making a saving of $160. Finally, six bottles can be purchased for only $138 leaving customers with a total saving of $270 if they were to buy each bottle separately.

What To Expect

After the initial first few weeks of using the product, I found myself eating less and my metabolism had sped up. This was a great first result which encouraged me to continue use of Caralluma Premium. I was extremely happy with my purchase after finishing my final bottle. I had used the product for several months and each month found myself losing weight at a rapid pace.

Keep An Eye Out

The product has no known side effects, although if pregnant or nursing a doctor should be consulted. The same can be said for anyone using other forms of medicine and is concerned about using this dietary supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturers of this product really believe in its ability to aid with weight loss so, in turn, offer a 100% money back guarantee that lasts up to ninety days. If you feel the product did not work as well as you believed, you can return your empty bottle and request a full refund.

Not only are they confident in the abilities of their product, they also have a wide variety of customer reviews to back it up. The majority of customers that have tried the product claim it works wonders and has helped them lose plenty of weight.

The Bottom Line

The product works just as the website said. I was satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend this dietary supplement. Many packages and deals are offered and for any weary customers, a ninety day money-back guarantee exists just in case.

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