It is to surprise that obesity has become a much larger threat to society than it was a couple of decades ago. The fast paced world that we live in today has meant that most people do not have the time to conduct proper daily exercise and a proper healthy diet has also been ignore due to the busy schedule most people have today. However, did you know that there are several herbs available today that can help in trimming off that excess body fat and even promote good health? Of course, exercise and proper diet is still the backbone of the best weight loss process but these herbs can assist greatly in that endeavor.

Below are five of the best, tried and tested weight loss herbs that you can take in order to make the weight loss process run much more smoothly even with your exceptionally busy life style.

Green Tea Extract

Using Herbs for Weight Loss ManagementGreen tea extract has shown the ability to increase the body’s metabolism while also raising the oxidation of fat. Green tea extract also holds a certain amount of caffeine which helps enhance thermogenesis. Simply put, drinking green teat extract can help boost the body’s stamina by using the body’s fat deposits as fuel. Green tea extract also holds a special chemical known as polyphenols which stems amylase. Amylase is an enzyme that absorbs sugar into the bloodstream which is not something you would want if you are planning on losing weight. Drinking green tea extract stops amylase from doing this which in turn keeps the sugar out of the bloodstream.

Cha de Burge

Another well known weight loss herb is the Cha de Burge. This one acts as a means to suppress the appetite. Taking this herb will give you a feeling of being full even after just eating a small amount of food. If you have a tendency to overeat then this might just be the remedy you are looking for to control your appetite. It also helps in keeping your metabolism at an equal level 24 hours a day. Normally, your metabolic rate will go into overdrive only during meal times. By keeping the metabolic rate constant you will be able to burn more fat than normal since your body won’t be storing too much carbohydrate and sugar like it normally does.

Coleus Forskohlii

Using Herbs for Weight Loss ManagementForskolin is a compound that promotes leaner body mass and enhances the body’s overall composition. This weight loss compound is quite difficult to find naturally and at the moment the only known plant source that holds this compound is the coleus forskohlii. The good news here is that the coleus forskholii plant is not that difficult to find. The compound forskolin has a unique ability to activate adenylate cyclase, this is an enzyme that helps create a leaner body mass by producing muscle building hormones and using body fat as the main source of fuel for the body.

Caralluma Fimbriata

Another weight loss herb that is gaining popularity, the caralluma fimbriata helps reduce hunger pangs while assisting the body in burning of those unwanted fat deposits. This herb has been used for centuries by travelers due to its ability to stem appetite during their journeys.

Fennel Seed

Using Herbs for Weight Loss ManagementThis is one of the longest known weight loss herbs as it was even used in ancient Greece. This herb works similar to caralluma in that it helps lessen hunger pangs. It also helps in the weight loss process by pushing out fat cells and mucus build up within the digestive tract and stimulates the metabolism to be more active. Keep in mind that these weight loss herbs acts more like supports and most of the heavy lifting will still fall on your shoulders.

Try conducting an hour of exercise everyday and eat a healthy and balanced diet. By doing those plus taking any of these herbs you are guarantee to see results in just a couple of weeks.

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