The internet, health magazines and even conversations at the gym are abuzz with the benefits of Caralluma Fimbriata. It stimulates stored fat to burn, suppresses appetite, encourages the development of lean muscles, boosts energy and overall health, and on and on the wonderful claims go… In this article, I am going to consider what science has to say about these claims, and you are welcome to join me!

Some Background on Caralluma Fimbriata

A Scientific View of Caralluma FimbriataCaralluma is originally from India, the Arabian Peninsula and certain regions of Africa. This cactus is so abundant that it is often used to fence in houses and gardens, as well as eaten as a vegetable. The people of India make various types of chutney, and Caralluma is often included in the recipes. Africans and Indians also appreciate Caralluma Fimbriata for two other special reasons. One is that like other cacti, the Caralluma stores water in its stems. During the dry months, these cacti are an important source of water for all living creatures. Secondly, Caralluma satisfies the appetite and improves endurance for significant periods of time. Centuries ago hunters habitually consumed it as they tracked herds of game. Caralluma enabled them to keep going when provisions where scarce and yet intense physical exertion was necessary.

Now let’s see if we can prove or debunk the wonderful claims about Caralluma:

Claim #1: Stimulates stored fat to burn.

Breads, cakes and other wheat products, as well as starches such as rice, potatoes and pasta are full of carbohydrates. When we eat carbohydrates, Citrate lyase and Malonyl CoA convert them into sugar. This sugar then enters the blood stream, where cells absorb it and burn it for energy. Any leftover sugar is stored as fat. Caralluma contains four phytochemicals which inhibit the Citrate lyase and Malonyl CoA enzymes. As a result, fewer carbohydrates are broken down into sugar and our blood glucose level drops. Our cells notice the decrease in blood sugar and to compensate they begin burning stored fat for energy. Yes, Caralluma encourages our bodies to burn fat!

Claim #2: Suppresses appetite.

A Scientific View of Caralluma FimbriataThe hypothalamus is a small, but important part of the brain. It uses hormones to regulate appetite, moods and sleep. A hormone called ghrelin is the courier between our digestive tract and the hypothalamus. When our body needs nutrients and energy, ghrelin travels up to the hypothalamus to communicate that. The hypothalamus immediately releases neuropeptide Y to stimulate appetite and slow down metabolism. Once our body has the nutrients it needs, ghrelin visits the hypothalamus again and neuropeptide Y is replaced by proopiomelanocortin which decreases appetite, as well as speeds up metabolism. Caralluma’s phytochemicals work in the hypothalamus so that proopiomelanocortin circulates more often. This provides us with the twin benefits of less appetite and a faster metabolism. Yes, Caralluma makes it easier to eat less at meals and resist cravings!

Claim #3: Encourages the development of lean muscles.

A Scientific View of Caralluma FimbriataFat cells contain adenosine triphosphates and as fat is converted into energy, adenosine triphosphates are released. Adenosine triphosphates, or ATPs as they are sometimes called, are coenzymes which provide muscles with the energy that they need to contract. Since we have approximately six hundred and forty muscles which are constantly contracting, an abundance of ATPs is a wonderful thing. It allows muscles to work their best, repair themselves and even grow. By triggering fat to burn Caralluma makes a significant contribution to a healthy muscular system!

Claim #4: Boosts energy and overall health.

Adenosine triphosphates are vital for muscles, but they also do the important job of carrying energy to every cell in our bodies. Without adenosine triphosphates, skin cells, coronary and liver cells, in short every single cell in our body can not function properly. The extra adenosine triphosphates which Caralluma releases give all our cells extra energy and endurance and when our cells are working energetically, who can’t help but feel better! Caralluma also promotes general health through antioxidants, which target free radicals and help prevent cell damage at various levels.

Looks to me like Caralluma is a great for general health and enhancing weight loss aid! Taking a Caralluma extract along with a healthy diet and daily exercise will put you well on your way to being a healthier you!

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