What is Caralluma MD?

Caralluma MD is a weight loss dietary supplement that touches upon many aspects for weight loss and fat burning, which helps push this product past your average weight loss products in the same category. First and foremost, this supplement helps by blocking fat causing enzymes to develop. It also rapidly breaks down stored fats and uses it as your body’s fuel, shedding fat quickly, which in turn boosts metabolism and increases energy. It can also help suppress your appetite which then helps to control the amount of food you eat, which will reduce caloric daily intake. Read our full review to learn more about this popular dietary supplement.


Caralluma MD uses a single ingredient which is the herbal plant called Caralluma Fimbriata. This plant is a native to the country of India and has been used for centuries, especially by travelers and hunters, due to its ability to inhibit hunger. Chewing the raw plant helps in giving you a feeling of fullness and satiety.


Adult dosage indicates that the recommended dosage is for two capsules per day. Ideally, you should take this supplement an hour or 30 minutes before your meal. You should take one in the morning and another in the afternoon just before lunch and dinner, respectively.

Possible Side Effects

Caralluma MD has been tested and proven to be completely safe for use as a dietary supplement. As with all dietary supplements, it is vital that you stay within the recommended dosage in order to prevent any sort of complications from developing.


A single bottle of Caralluma MD contains 60 capsules and is available at $49.95. The official website also offers discounted supply packages for those who plan on buying multiple bottles at once. They have a two bottle program for $34.95 each, four bottles for $27.95 each and a six bottle option that drags down the price per bottle to $23.30.

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Manufacturer’s Commitment

We checked the official website of the manufacturer and discovered that this product has a 60 not day money back guarantee attached to it. This is a great little safety net for first time buyers who are still unsure to try this weight loss supplement out. You should see a drop in weight within a month or so of daily use, combined of course with proper diet and exercise. This guarantee is a nice addition to an already solid product.

The Bottom Line

The manufacturers of Caralluma MD makes use of this unique herb, in the most perfect way possible. Without doubt this supplement is effective for burning fat and losing weight. The results experienced by many speak for themselves and this quality product is the one to use to help reach personal weight loss goals more easily and effective than most Caralluma supplements our there. Furthermore, it allows you to be able to control your hunger pangs and quell your appetite, as well as, experience a significant boost in energy and increased metabolism. We liked the fact that they offer some good deals for multiple purchases. As long term effective weight loss can take some people a little time, the cost savings to be had, are always a treat for those consumers looking for a good deal. The inclusion of a 60 day money back guarantee is also a big bonus allowing you to purchase with total peace of mind. All in all, a great product.