What is Caralluma Burn? 

Caralluma Burn is a natural slimming supplement made from the extract of Caralluma Fimbriata. This supplement is used to suppress appetite. According to the manufacturer it helps you reduce weight and keep your diet under control by suppressing food cravings.


This product consists of natural ingredients and is free from any genetically modified organisms, artificial colors, flavors and chemicals. Each capsule contains 500 mg of Caralluma Fibriata extract. The capsules are made from water and cellulose.

All of these ingredients are pure and used in their natural form without any binders or fillers.


Take one tablet 30 minutes before a major meal or as directed by your doctor.


The price of one bottle of 30 tablets is $49.95. If you order two you can get the third bottle free. Order three to get two additional free bottles.

Possible Side Effects

Caralluma Fibriata may cause digestive issues including intestinal gas, stomach upset or constipation.

This supplement is not recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers. It should be kept out of children’s reach. In case you are suffering from any disease do not use this product without consulting your physician or doctor first. Never take more tablets than as directed. Keep this supplement in a dry and cool place.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The Manufacturer claims this supplement is made from top quality natural ingredients. You can return only unopened product within 3 months of purchase for a refund minus a $10 restocking fee.

The Bottom Line

There are several kinds of slimming pills and supplements available on the market but Caralluma Burn appetite suppressant is one of the few which has doctor’s endorsement. However, although it is said the product is clinically tested it does not actually say what the results of those tests were. We also find the return policy too restrictive as it does not allow you to try the product at all and still be eligible for a refund. It is also rather costly.

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