Having a healthy body is all about maintaining the proper weight for your BMA. This is not just to boost your confidence and is definitely not just for looking good. It is all about being healthy. Packing on too much weight is bad but losing too much can be just as damaging to your health. The middle ground is the way to go when it comes to managing your weight. However, there are several other important reasons why you should maintain a healthy weight.

These are lesser known reasons but are just as important health-wise. Below are 7 additional reasons for why should maintain a healthy body and weight.

  1. It Reduces the Risk of Allergies and Asthma

7 Relatively Unknown Reasons to Lose WeightBeing overweight actually increases the chances of worsening allergies and asthma attacks. A recent study showed that people who are overweight put a tremendous pressure on the adrenal glands which is the gland that helps manage your allergic reactions and asthma. The strain on the body will mostly focus on the respiratory system which will definitely make your asthma attacks worse. Look at it this way, the heavier you get (based on your normal BMA) the more likely you will experience asthma attacks and the weaker your body gets to combating allergies.

  1. Prevent Pain on your Lower Extremities

One of the most common physical issues that overweight people experience would be pain on their feet. This is because the heavier you are, the more pressure your lower extremities will be put under which is not really ideal in the long run. If you are experiencing foot pain then we suggest you check your current body weight and see if you are over the proper weight limit of your height and age.

  1. A More Beautiful Skin7 Relatively Unknown Reasons to Lose Weight

Being overweight is not only unhealthy to the body internally but it also reflects externally. Obesity can cause the skin to stretch and discolor overtime. Having excessive sugar and carbohydrates will also cause the skin to lose most of its luster. Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight translates to better tone and smoother skin.

  1. Relieves Arthritis

Arthritis and body weight are always connected to each other. Clinical studies have proven that by losing weight you effectively reduce the risk of arthritis in the future. Those who are also suffering from arthritis can lessen the pain or remove it completely by losing an adequate amount of weight.

  1. A Livelier Mood

Being overweight can also cause your hormones to be out of balance for most of the time. This means that your mood will also take a hit. The most common symptom of overweight people is depression. You can develop a better mood just by losing weight and staying healthy. Turn that frown upside down and chip away at the weighing scale. You will feel lighter both literally and figuratively.

  1. Better Memory7 Relatively Unknown Reasons to Lose Weight

Another little known benefit of losing weight is boosting cognitive functions. A study was conducted wherein several individuals took bariatric surgery. About three months after the weight loss surgery medical researchers found that everyone who lost weight had a significant cognitive boost when it comes to their memory.

  1. Better Sleep

Sleep apnea is a common condition found in overweight people and those with diabetes. A test was conducted where overweight individuals with sleep apnea were put on a healthy diet for about a month. After losing a decent amount of weight most of the individuals experienced better sleep quality and a significant reduction of sleep apnea which can be a dangerous condition to have.

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